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Our medical staff is dedicated to treating our clients with compassion and progressive medical protocols. Once in Evoke Wellness, each client will have access to a nurse, medical director, and ARNP. Each client will be assigned different medications based on their unique history and adjusted as needed throughout their stay. Our medical staff is there to address any physical issues that occur during the detox process and are knowledgeable in any mental health medications the client may need. We attack the disease of addiction mentally and emotionally through individual counseling, in-house meetings, and group therapy.

Our clinicians are experts in their field and understand the need for providing support in the form of empathy, family contact, and basic coping skills to prevent relapse. Our goal is to guide the client through the emotional and physical challenges that can encompass the first steps on the path of recovery.


Evoke Wellness team of therapists will help you or your family member through this emotional time. Our therapy and clinical services are an integral part of a successful detox program. Our clinical team specializes in treating addiction, through empathetic individual sessions, linking the client with family and sober supports, and emotional support throughout their stay. The clinical team will facilitate the client in beginning their journey of recovery through education of the disease, linking
the client with community resources, and providing the client with easy to use copings skills, while lending a compassionate ear, so the client can discuss the emotional stressors that occur during early recovery. .

Our staff is ready to meet the client where they are. We offer group therapy, individual therapy, music and art expression, as well as in house 12 step meetings. Depending on how the client is feeling, our staff is ready to meet with them as little or as much as that individual client needs.

Case management services are also available to the client to address other needs the client may have. For example, FMLA needs, court needs, or probation needs. Our case management will also enable a smooth transition for the next step in recovery, whether that is continued treatment or community resources.


Our staff is dedicated to providing a comprehensive medical approach towards treating the addiction population in the early stages of recovery. Our clients have have a varying levels expectations and come to the Evoke Wellness facility with different needs. Our goal is to ensure each client has every opportunity to decompress and feel some relief from the stress of early recovery. Our team will provide an array of services to ensure each client is properly medically treated, in addition to rejuvenating the mind, body and soul. We offer group areas for socializing, playing games, watching TV or listening to music. We have a nutritionist on staff for those clients that struggle with balanced eating. Please contact an Evoke Wellness representative to learn more about our expansive wellness program and services.


We serve chef-prepared nutritious meals. Our chefs are happy to make adjustments for any dietary restrictions and will customize meals, under the direction of your addiction nutritionist.
May who have experienced alcohol and drug addictions are suffering nutrient deficiency. When you come to Evoke Wellness, our delicious meals will replenish the nutrients, provide you with energy, and aid your recovery — only the best for our clients in recovery!


Addiction does not occur in a vacuum. Addiction affects all facets of life, including family. Evoke Wellness has staff trained on how to help the family effectively support the client. Each client will be assigned a therapist who will, if permitted by the client, involve the family member in the treatment of the client. The therapist will assess the best way to facilitate support from the family by giving updates, facilitating phone calls with the client and family members, or approved family visitation.

  • 24/7 Medical Support
  • 24/7 Behavioral Health Staff
  • Case Management
  • Medication Management
  • Dual Diagnosis Care
  • Visitation after meeting with Clinician
  • Therapists (Individual and Group Therapy)
  • Wellness Services
  • Nutritionist
  • On-site Chef (supplying well-rounded meals and snacks)
  • Relaxing Bedrooms (each with a television)
  • Music Room
  • Gaming Room
  • Common Room (for socializing and watching television)


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