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Boasting a high staff-to-client ratio and situated on a beautiful lake in the epicenter of South East Florida’s recover community, Evoke Wellness is the ideal addiction treatment center for you or your loved one to get the help needed.

Evoke Wellness has three different specialized medically approved programs to ensure all our clients have an individualized comprehensive approach. We believe in individualized treatment plans to ensure all needs are met. Each program is meant to facilitate stabilization in mind, body and spirit and promote success on the path to long term recovery.

Medical Detox

Our facility has Licensed Practical Nurses or Registered Nurses 24/7. The medical staff is trained to treat each client as an individual with unique physical needs. Our medical staff is dedicated to treating our clients with compassion and progressive medical protocols. Once in Evoke Wellness, each client will have access to a nurse, medical director, and ARNP. Each client will be prescribed medications based on their unique history and adjusted as needed throughout their stay. Our medical team is there to address any physical issues that occur during the detox process and are knowledgeable in any mental health medications the client may need.

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