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What do you do when a loved one’s addiction to drugs or alcohol is destroying their lives? How do you handle it when they are unable to see the negative consequences of their actions? It’s ok if you’re unsure about what to do or where to go. Most people have never had to deal with this before, and they feel unsure.

We recommend you first ask your loved one, if possible, to speak to one of our admissions counselors. If this is unsuccessful or impossible, and your loved one is either in denial or resistant to the idea of treatment, Evoke Wellness can provide a qualified interventionist to help organize an effective intervention.

Our drug intervention programs in are suited to individuals who are addicted to all types of drugs such as:
• Heroin
• Cocaine
• Opioids
• Methamphetamine
• Pain killers
• Sedatives
• Stimulants
• Alcohol

Our compassionate and caring interventionists are trained to perform family interventions that are effective.

How Can A Drug Intervention Specialist Help?

There are many reasons why a trained interventionist is needed to help a loved one enter Detox. In some circumstances, an individual who is addicted to drugs or alcohol has been on that path for some time. It can be difficult to see how destructive their behavior is to their lives and to their relationships. It can be an awkward and frightening thing for families to do. You do not want to put your loved one in a position where they feel ashamed, or to create a wedge between you and them. Additionally, it can be a combative situation in which the addicted individual becomes defensive and in denial. A drug intervention specialist is experienced in dealing with the varied emotions and responses that come during an intervention, and is skilled in helping steer the intervention toward the optimal goal: getting your loved the help they need to recover from their addiction to drugs or alcohol.

After The Intervention

The needs of each individual will vary after the intervention. However, it’s ideal to be prepared to admit your loved one into Detox the same day. The first step is to enter a 5 to10 day detox treatment, then continue the rehab process in a residential treatment facility for a period of 30 to 90 days. In our luxury Inpatient Detox facility, clients receive top-notch care in a private, comfortable class-A facility. We provide delicious, nutritious meals prepared by our onsite chef and a variety of luxury amenities to make them as comfortable as possible and to help our clients during recovery.

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