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Premier Medical Detox

At Evoke Wellness, we help clients detox from alcohol and drugs under the best possible treatment and surroundings. Our medical drug and alcohol detox facility is located in a beautiful, private location over-looking a tranquil lake in Miramar, Florida. Our relaxing surroundings, high-end amenities, delicious and nutritious food, and team of professional practitioners, help clients move through the detox phase quickly, safely and comfortably. After detox, clients have a wide range of options to transition seamlessly to the next step in their addiction recovery. While the medical detoxification process is not easy, many clients recognize early on that is not nearly as intense, painful, or uncomfortable as anticipated. We help them build foundations needed to maintain long-term sobriety.

Evoke Detox Addiction Treatments

Drug Detox

We alleviate the burden of these struggles through 24-hour medical care, behavioral health tech supports, and individual and group therapy sessions. Our experienced medical staff is available to monitor, medicate and minimize withdrawals ranging from restless leg syndrome to high anxiety. Evoke Wellness therapists have small caseloads to ensure ample time with the client during this emotional time.

We want to make this process as comfortable as possible, while also ensuring a smooth transition to your next step in sobriety.

Alcohol Detox

Detoxing from alcohol has many health implications. Alcohol is absorbed into every part of your body. It is important for those entering alcohol detoxification to understand the possible life-threatening affects that can occur and the importance of being medically monitored.

Alcohol is one of the only substances that can cause seizures and even death. It is imperative that detoxification is done in a monitored medical facility so that the individual can be monitored and medicated. Other possible challenges that occur when detoxing from alcohol include shaking, hallucinations, anxiety, disorganization, headaches, high blood pressure and emotional instability.

The experienced staff at Evoke Wellness are well-versed on the detoxification process and can quickly respond to any symptoms that emerge.

Prescription Detox

The withdrawal symptoms for prescription pain killers, such as Oxycontin and Percocet, are the same as all Opioids.

At Evoke Wellness we understand that many of our clients will be suffering from prior injuries. Our facility is staffed with a complete Wellness center and medication to facilitate pain relief and continued recovery.

Benzodiazepines, including Xanax, Kolonopin, and Valium, can also be prescribed by medical professionals and help relieve anxiety. Many clients are unaware of the difficulties they may face when detoxing from these medications, for instance extreme anxiety, blood pressure complications and seizures. Our team of clinicians and medical staff combine efforts to ensure the physical and emotional withdrawals are managed through medication and therapeutic interventions.

Dual Diagnosis

From experience, we understand that addiction does not usually stand-alone—there is almost always a mental health variable. Our clinicians are prepared by their professional and educational experience to treat not only the addiction, but the mental health issues that may also be present. The Evoke Wellness team has learned through past professional experience in the field and educational training to effectively address an individual that is in distress or struggling with mental health.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Symptoms

Many people delay seeking treatment because they are afraid of going through the detox process. An individual who has been drinking or using drugs heavily for a prolonged period of time, who suddenly stops or heavily reduces the amount of their intake, may experience intense pain and discomfort, for a short period, during this phase. Some common symptoms of detox include:

  • Sweating
  • Shaky hands
  • Anxiety
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Disorientation
  • Seizures
  • Hallucinations

Our team of experienced professionals, in conjunction with our highly personalized detox treatment plan, will help you get through this phase with a high-level of comfort.

What to Expect Upon Admission To Our Detox Center

At Evoke Wellness, our medical detox protocols are designed to alleviate negative physical effects accompanying withdrawal. Upon admission, each client meets with one of our highly-qualified physician partners in order to design a unique plan for detoxification and recovery. As part of a customized rehabilitation plan, the physician will prescribe medications needed for our clients to be as safe and comfortable as possible during the detox phase. We regularly monitor vitals and self-reported symptoms to determine the efficacy of the detox protocol and to mitigate health risks. All times, we strive to assist our clients in maintaining optimum comfort throughout this process.

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